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Expresarse arso, Tate Modern, Tate Exchange 2017
photo credits: Riccardo Fregoni

Expresarse arso

by Maria Luigia Gioffre and Giovanna Cammisa

Performed by Maria Luigia Gioffre, Giovanna Cammisa, Julia Wolf, Elisa Constantini

Expresarse arso is a partecipatory performance presented at Tate Modern in London on January 2017 within the program Tate Exchange, curated by Alex Schady.
The work explores relationships between language and and physical tension of the body by operating mechanisms of communication which lose the shape of words and fall into sounds. Throughout the performance, visitors have been invited to record their own voice.  All voices has been then collected and then played simoultaneously activating the gesture of performers. The piece merge the role of performer and audience in one act of unison where the materiality of voice is enquired by the body.

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