Maria Luigia Gioffre

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The Space Between, performance, 2018
Five Years Gallery, London, UK 

The Space Between

The work responds to the context of gallery-spaces through an action of the domestic sphere that, by performing a ‘preparation of the space’, blurs the line between what appears to be the stage and the backstage. The  act of washing the floor with a mop and water stimulates the audience to move around as spontaneous and forced reaction to what is happening. The theatricality of the mask models the performative action without choreographing the gesture, making the work to inhabit the fine line between fictionality and possible truth. A post-future cleaner, who makes uses of a pollution mask at home because breathing is not anymore sustainable, reveals that air is element in transit, that gets across both to the public and private space. 

Performed and devised for Young Venice Performance Art Collective founded during Venice International Performance Art Week 2017


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