La danza del Contrario, 08.18 mins
single channel video
Source: ‘Insignifidanza’ Armonie D’Arte Festival 2015 
courtesy the artist and  Armonie D’Arte Festival  

La Danza del Contrario

A visual narrative retyping of the visual documentation from “Insignifidanza”, a theatrical piece I have been commissioned for by the choreographer Filippo Stabile. The act of retyping allows to unfold submerged narratives already within the visual language of work realised.

La Danza del Contrario g enerates a separate and independent work from its source. The documentation of any live work already takes distance from the live moment by its embodiment of being a simulacrum. In L a Danza del Contrario, the documentation makes a further step and it is used as material that, throught re-assemblage of video-editing, allows to work on the time-image and to change the story.


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