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La danza del Contrario, 08.18 mins single channel video
Source: ‘Insignifidanza’ Armonie D’Arte Festival 2015
La Danza del Contrario

A  narrative retyping of the visual documentation from “Insignifidanza”, a theatrical piece cast for Stabile/Amato Theatre Company under the commission of Armonie Arte Festival.  The act of retyping allows the author to opt for alternative narratives already within the visual language of work realised.

La Danza del Contrario consists of a process of visual retyping from the work  Insignifidanza originary written by Maria Luigia Gioffre, commissioned by Stabile Amato Compagnia Teatrale and choreographer Filippo Stabile for Armonie Arte Festival, although  La Danza del Contrario generates a separated and indipendent work from the previous one. The documentation of a live work already takes distance from the live-space, so that in La Danza del Contrario, the documentation makes a further step and it is used by Maria Luigia as material that operates a re-assemblage thanks to the video-editing which, by allowing to intervene on the time-image, let a video-documentation to be a completely different work from its source rather than its simulacrum.

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