detail- Maria Luigia Gioffrè. One Room. Seven Artists.  performance, Central Saint Martins, 2017.  Photo credits: Anni Katrin Elmer

One Room. Seven Artists. 

Artists: Maria Luigia Gioffrè, Simona Sharafudinov, Yixiao Shao, Timo Baier, Matilde Damele, Ebony Francis, Maximilien Lebaudy

One room. 7 artists. 1 day. They each bring a work to the room. The room is to become the work of synthesis. Combining performance, painting, drawing, video, photography and sculpture, life is given to a live networked artwork.  

One Room. Seven Artists. group performance, Central Saint Martins, 2017.Photo credits: Anni Katrin Elmer


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