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Purgatory of Spring - La Seminatrice, The Seeder, (from reharsal), Tenuta dello Scompiglio, SPE, ‘On Death and Dying’ Art for Environment Residency in collaboration with University of Arts London, Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Vorno, 2018 

Purgatory of Spring - Eden (from reharsal), 2018
Purgatory of Spring 

Purgatory of Spring explores the aesthetics of a post-apocalyptic landscape, in which the collapse of humankind and prehistory coincide in terms of their figurative aspects. The performance takes in loan elements from visual art and theatre for its way to be processed and it lives in the attempt to realise a trilogy. As far as now, there have been explored two of the three image-scape intended to be set up.

1. La Seminatrice (The Seeder)

Coinceved at Tenuta dello Scompiglio (Tuscany, Italy) during the art residency ‘Death and Dying’ in collaboration with University of Arts London  as winner project of AER Art For Environment Residency chaired by Lucy Orta, the performance stages a durational work for a scenario of non-fertility where the performer acts the ritual of sowing and reaping in repetition.
Performed by Maria Luigia Gioffre

2. Eden

Within the same scenario of ‘The Seeder’ , a young man and woman pick up branches from a dried tree and plant them preparing for a dried garden. They then leave on the top of a ladder.
Performed by Giuseppe Fabris, Sara Saccotelli

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