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Purgatory of Spring - La Seminatrice, The Seeder, (from reharsal), Tenuta dello Scompiglio, SPE, ‘On Death and Dying’ Art for Environment Residency in collaboration with University of Arts London, Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Vorno, 2018 

Purgatory of Spring - Eden (from reharsal), 2018

Purgatory of Spring -Preghiera, Fattoria Vittadini, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano Musei Civici, 2019 
Purgatory of Spring 

Purgatory of Spring explores the aesthetics of a post-apocalyptic landscape, in which the collapse of humankind and the scenario of prehistory coincide each other in terms of their figurative aspects. 
The work combines three durational performances to be read as one work which combines fictional elements while staging a concrete action. 

1- La seminatrice 

Coinceved at Tenuta dello Scompiglio (Tuscany, Italy) during the art residency ‘Death and Dying’ in collaboration with University of Arts London  as winner project 2018 of AER Art For Environment Residency chaired by Lucy Orta.

In a non-fertile soil, a woman acts the ritual of sowing and reaping dried plant. 

2- Eden 

A young man and woman pick up dried plants and tree branches in order to rebuild an Eden garden in a domestic building. The building is itself ruined. 

3- Preghiera

Winner Art Residency The Workroom 2019 at Fabbrica del Vapore, fattoria vittadini, Fondazione Milano Musei Civici, Milan, IT 
with the partecipation by
ScarlattineProgetti, Viafarini, Ramaya
Ariella Vidach | DidStudio, Mostrami
Studio Azzurro e ATIR

The last human on the earth inhabits the imbalance while holding and attempting to play an horn. When the horn sounds, the fertility is possible on the earth. The condition on imbalance given by the feet on a tiny and umbalanced surface makes the performer uncomfortable to play the sound. The work consists of this constant and unreachable attempt.  

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