Sarto Dell’Assenza 

Sarto dell’assenza is a sculptural installation which inherits and transfigures the functionality of the meridian, instrument used to calculate solar time.  

The meridian is builded up by the features of a sewing needle that heads toward the sky: one way, an attempt to patch the time of sky and earth, men and gods; the other, the attempt to patch the scrap ineherent to the human discourse, as good as the dynamics that dominates the discourse of lovers. Lovers, as spokesmen of desire, never reach unison through words unless in some gaps of speeching where significance becomes material. In the meridian of ‘Sarto Dell’Assenza’ this moment is identified with mid-day: the point where, if we were located in the equatorial zone, lights and shadows overlap each other. 


Sarto Dell’Assenza, 2020, preparatory drafts, courtesy the artist


                                       2021  © Maria Luigia Gioffre