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Penelope’s White Wall, Scolacium Archaelogical Park, Italy, 2017

Penelope’s White Wall, Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London, 2017 

Penelope’s White Wall

Penelope's white wall consists of a performance which explores gestures in relation to duration. One hour before the sunset, Penelope paints the wall. The surface is never dried and the wall can't be completed in its construction. The ancient house remains accessible to the traveller.

"Penelope’s white wall explores endurance and nature of action. Setting herself to paint a wall, Maria Luigia Gioffrè positions herself as the
subject of her work. The fact that the wall surface does not dry, implements that it is not yet complete to serve as a surface for the artwork, but the work itself."
catalog 2017, Winner work for Celeste Prize 2017 (installation, sculpture and performance)

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